About me

Bonita Hendriks is a mixed media artist based in The Netherlands, where she lives together with her husband, daughter and three cats. Ever since she was a young child she has always been creating. She was always carrying some sheets of drawing paper or a sketchbook around, together with a graphite pencil and a reference picture of a celebrity. She endlessly tried her best to put the faces to paper, developing herself along the way. She became a primary school teacher and pretty much stopped creating.

After a huge life change in 2016 (the start of chronic nerve pain issues) she re-discovered drawing. She started to experiment and play with other mediums as well, loving the use of color and endless possibilities of mixed media. Creating makes her able to express her inner feelings, find some calmth and joy. It helps her to handle the chronic nerve pain and to stay positive. When she is creating she feels like she can escape to another world where anything is possible.

Nowadays Bonita creates in several different mediums such as watercolor, graphite, colored pencil, acrylics and oils. She also loves to play and experiment with mixed media. She loves to put a lot of details in her creations. She often creates portraits, but she also likes to get inspired by nature and create flowers, insects, pets, etc.